St. Peter’s and Vatican Museums

Visiting St. Peter’s, the largest church in Rome and among the largest in the world, will immerse you in mysticism and art. You will be fascinated by the impressive basilica and art works of the Vatican Museums. You will enjoy the view from the dome of Michelangelo and visit the Sistine Chapel. Between art and religion you will spend in the area of St. Peter one of the most exciting days of your visit to Rome.


St. Peter’s opening hours:

Winter: 7-18:30

Summer: 7-19

Ticket: Free

Dome opening hours

Winter: 8-17

Summer: 8-18

Ticket: €7 for the elevator / €5 for the stairs

Vatican Museum opening hours:

9-18 (closed on Sundays except of the last Sunday of the month)

Ticket: €16

How To Reach It From B&B Armonia All’Opera:

By Foot (estimated time ~ 30-40 minutes):

We usually recommend our guests to reach the Vatican with the subway. Even if is not a long walk, the tour at the Vatican is very long and is better to save your energies for the visit 

By Metro: 

Metro A to Ottaviano station. Take Via Ottaviano to reach St. Peter’s Square (about 600 meters)

Bus: 64 – 40

Tips for the visit:

– St. Peter’s Basilica: the entrance for the Basilica is free but you have to queue for the security control before entering. Sometimes the queue may be long but is usually very fast and you don’t usually have to queue for more that 10 minutes to get inside. Don’t forget that there is a dress code to respect in St. Peter’s: you must cover your shoulders and wear skirts and trousers under the knees. The visit of the basilica requires about 1 hour 

– Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel: this is the bigger place of the Vatican zone. The visit to the museums (that also includes the Sistine Chapel) requires about 3 hours. The Vatican Museums are also one of the few places in Rome where you will find very long queues (more than one hour if the situation is particularly bad). We always suggest to book the ticket in advance from their official Internet site ( section). The advanced reservation will cost you an extra of €4 for each ticket but it can save you a couple of hours of your day.